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Humpback Whale Diving

The Product

High quality, exquisitely detailed, scientifically accurate, collectable scale model sculptures of marine life animals.


Orders typically shipped next business day after receipt.

Scientific Accuracy

A beautiful blend of science and art, these models are the most scientifically accurate marine life reproductions available. Each model has been checked carefully and approved by top researchers in marine biology, prior to production. TADASU YAMADA of The National Science Museum in Japan provided supervision and scientific support for Pacific White-sided Dolphin. KAZUHIRO NAKAYA of Hokkaido University supervised and provided scientific support for the production of Scalloped Hammerhead and Humphead Wrasse.


Designed to appeal to the marine life enthusiast who appreciates accuracy of scale, features, movement, and coloration. They are also enjoyed by children, and appreciated by parents who want their children to collect properly depicted marine sculptures.

Material And Appearance

Poly-resin sculpture supported by a small diameter metal post which screws into the underside of the sculpture, and into an attractive wooden base. A brass colored plaque on the front of the base provides the animal’s common and scientific names, and the scale the model has been produced in. Each Favorite Collection marine model is exquisitely detailed with fine markings which, though subtle, dramatically increase the authenticity. Each model is meticulously hand-painted with an acrylic resin, which looks natural and is long-lasting. Artists employ an appropriate blending of natural colors and sharp, distinct lines, where required. Because each model is hand-painted, some variations may occur.


The base, post, and sculpture are individually packed in a block of protective Styrofoam and shipped in a coated white box with blue print. We understand that an undamaged and attractive box is often an important factor in overall satisfaction, and we take care to package well with this in mind when we prepare your shipment.