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Created exclusively by hand!
Each handmade piece of Höglund Art Glass is an individual work of art, made from molten liquefied crystal glass. No two pieces will ever be the same!

Höglund Crystal Art Glass Penguins Group Including One in Bent-Over Pose

Note: Sizes in photo are Mini, Small, Medium, and Large (bent over pose).

Crystal Art Glass Emperor Penguins

Each of these highly collectible works of art are hand-engraved on the bottom with the Höglund mark - your assurance that they are authentic one-of-a-kind pieces, created by Höglund Art Glass' award winning artist, Ola Höglund, assisted by his sons, Ossie and Oliver.

Selected private collectors of Höglund Art Glass, include: Mohammed Ali - USA, Sir Elton John -UK & USA, Bill Clinton - USA, The King and Queen of Sweden, The King of Tonga, Prime Ministers of Japan and New Zealand, and Christie's of New York.

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Available Sizes

* Mini: 65-80 mm (~ 2.5 - 3 inches) - $54.50
* Small: 81-100 mm (~ 3 - 4 inches) - $72.50
* Medium: 101-130 mm (~ 4 - 5 inches) - $94.50
* Large: 131-160 mm (~ 5 - 6.25 inches) - $167.50
* Large: Bending Over Pose (~ 4 - 5.25 inches)- $174.50
More Detailed Photos

Note: Extra Large penguins (below) are not only taller. They are also much more massive than the smaller penguins.
* Extra Large: 161-175 mm (~ 5.25 - 6.75 inches) - $274.50
More Detailed Photos
* Extra Large: Bending Over Pose (~ 4.5 - 6 inches) - $274.50
Youtube Video Clip
Note: - There are several variations of the "Bent Over Pose".

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