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Höglund Crystal Art Glass Penguins
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Höglund Crystal Art Glass Penguin Head and Shoulders Detail

In this closeup, note the realistic "feather" markings created by rolling the piece in crushed colored glass. The head and beak are clear, allowing the color from the background to reflect and show through.

Höglund Crystal Art Glass Penguin  Höglund Crystal Art Glass Penguin

Look closely at the photos above. Note that the glass is shaped to give definition to the penguin's body and wings. Do you see the tiny feet and the tail?

Höglund Crystal Art Glass Penguin Wingtip and Feet Detail  Höglund Art Glass Penguin Bottom Signature Detail

In this close-up of the lower portion of the penguin, note the wing, tail, and feet. Each penguin comes with a clear cellophane sticker bearing the Höglund Art Glass logo. A hand-engraved mark on the bottom of each piece identifies it as a genuine Höglund Art Glass penguin.

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